Where can I find Moleskine Eyewear?

Moleskine Eyewear is available in selected stores around the world. Find out the nearest store in the STORE LOCATOR.

Why I cannot find my country/town in the store locator?

Unfortunately, this means that Moleskine Eyewear is not yet available where you are. This may change in the near future, so please keep checking!

Can I buy Moleskine Eyewear online?

Our e-commerce store will be available soon, where you will be able to buy reading glasses and sunglasses. We recommend buying optical frames from an optician.

Do I need a prescription to buy optical frames?

Local practices may differ, but generally you need an optician to measure your eyesight and produce custom-made lenses for your Moleskine frames.

Do you have reading glasses?

Yes. Our reading glasses will be available soon on the Moleskine e-commerce site (www.moleskine.com) and in store.

Do you have sunglasses?

Yes. Our sunglasses will be available soon on the Moleskine e-commerce site (www.moleskine.com) and in store.  

What are the best materials for glasses frames?

Moleskine Eyewear is made using either high flexibility stainless steel, or Grilamid, a top quality polyamide produced in Switzerland.

Where are the frames made?

Moleskine Eyewear is made by Icare Company LTD in China and Cambodia.

I have a problem with my glasses, who should I talk to?

We suggest you contact the optician’s where you bought the glasses.